Fall of the Medieval World

A talk by Brother Gildas

Brother Gildas is a Cistercian monk on Caldey Island

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Phil is fast becoming a regular visitor to Tenby Arts Festival. His brilliant story telling never fails to fascinate and entertain his audiences. This is his philosophy.

“I tell stories to anyone who is willing to listen. I tell stories that come from the richness of the world’s oral tradition. I tell stories that speak to me in the belief that they will speak to you too.”

Having been a teacher, I am at ease telling stories to children of all ages. I understand that storytelling is a powerful tool for raising standards in literacy as well as playing a crucial role in developing emotional literacy skills in young people.

But storytellling is not only for children and I am passionate about reacquainting adult audiences with storytelling. Like the old Heinekien advert used to say, story refreshes the parts that other art forms cannot reach. It is cinema for the mind but unlike a film or a book, the story is only really present, only really alive, when there is a teller to tell and an audience to imagine it.”

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