Some highlights from the Festival of 2016

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A Night of Romantic Opera

The acclaimed company Swansea City Opera (formerly Opera Box)  returned with a captivating show transporting audiences into the world of Romantic Opera. An enchanting evening of arias and ensembles accompanied by piano and performed by a carefully selected cast of singers from the major national and international opera houses singing music from some of the most loved composers including Puccini, Verdi, Bizet, Mozart and many more.

Tenby Male Choir delighted our audience with one of their stunning performances


The Kanneh-Mason family featuring Sheku Kanneh-Mason
BBC Young Musician of the Year 2016

A concert of beautiful music by this fine young cellist and his family

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Human Evolution

Our Place in Natural History      Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.08.50

George Hancock

Were we created in our present form by intelligent design, or did we evolve from earlier species? If we evolved, then how and when? Are we still evolving, and if so how will we end up? Are there other creatures with high intelligence outside our planet, or are we unique in that respect? George examined the theories, explained the arguments and helped us reach our own conclusions. Food for thought and even surprises.


The Hands of Genius     images
Graham Short

“I can do something that no one else on a planet of 7 billion people can.” a talk from the man who engraved the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin.




The Banana Lady – Joséphine Baker     photo34
Josephine Hammond

A talk about the famous American-Parisian jazz singer of the twenties and thirties who was notorious for having danced in a skirt made of bananas.

It was great fun but she had a serious side too. We found out about her courage working for the Resistance during World War II and her fight against racism.




The Shakespeare Ladies Club                 Shakespeare Ladies Club
written and performed by Alison Neil
directed by David Collison
Alison Neil returned with another of her brilliant one-woman plays.

Coffee shops and tooth worm, smuggling and mouseskin eyebrows…amid the fascinating trivia of mid-eighteenth century life, Mary Cowper De Grey recounted the true story of a group of Ladies of Quality, who determined to make Shakespeare fashionable. The success of the Shakespeare Ladies Club echoes down the centuries. Mary also had a very personal tale to recount – her involvement with a young and ambitious would-be actor named… David Garrick.

London in the mid-1700’s : vivacity and prosperity, marvels and great achievements in art and science. When the first steps were taken to quell the squalor and brutality of life for the poor. And women were not staying at home, or keeping quiet…

The Georgian era revealed – as Mrs Cowper De Grey (and guest) entertained!



Winners of the Window Dressing Competition

1st           Tenovus

2nd          The Glass Shop

3rd           The Shed

Congratulations to all who took part – a magnificent effort.

And special congratulations to our winner and runners-up.