Tenby Arts Festival 2018

will start on Saturday 22nd September

 Shakespeare’s Island        Districts_of_St_Helena

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 David J Jeremiah, barrister and author, was the Attorney General of the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena for over six years and returns there regularly with his Saint Helenian wife Joy. The island is one of the remotest places on earth and for over five hundred years following its discovery in 1502 it was reachable only by sea. An airfield was completed there in 2016 but a scheduled air service has yet to be established. It is home to the world’s oldest reptile, boasts a large number of plants and creatures that are unique to the island and is famous as the place to which Napoleon was exiled for the last six years of his life.
David is the author of “Shakespeare’s Island: Saint Helena and The Tempest“.


 Church House

3 – 4pm










Enquiries to: tenbyartsfestival@yahoo.co.uk