Pint Sized Plays

Our ever popular showing of ten minute plays in various locations in Tenby.

Succinct, sarcastic, hilarious and tragic, these plays may be short on time but they are long on emotion. They are part of a major competition which will be judged later in the year in Fishguard.

Today you can see them at the following locations:

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7.30     The Crown

8.30     The Cove

9.30     The Hope & Anchor

Living in the Light

Written and performed by Alison Neil

Directed by David Collison

Hildegard_von_BingenAlison Neil returns to tread the boards in Tenby in another of her one woman plays.

This one is about Hildegard of Bingen a brilliant early example of women’s abilities and achievements.

Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 17 September 1179), was a German Benedictine Abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, and polymath. She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany.

Hildegard was elected magistra by her fellow nuns in 1136; she founded the monasteries of Rupertsberg in 1150 and Eibingen in 1165. One of her works as a composer, the Ordo Virtutum, is an early example of liturgical drama and arguably the oldest surviving morality play. She wrote theological, botanical, and medicinal texts, as well as letters, liturgical songs, and poems, while supervising miniature illuminations in the Rupertsberg manuscript of her first work, Scivias as seen here on the right. She is also noted for the invention of a constructed language known as Lingua Ignota.

Although the history of her formal consideration is complicated, she has been recognized as a saint by branches of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries. On 7 October 2012, Pope Benedict XVI named her a Doctor of the Church.

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Hildegard of Bingen has been called the “Leonardo da Vinci of the 12th Century”.  Living in turbulent and dangerous times, she was a musician, healer, artist, visionary, theologian, biographer, playwright and poet.

Beginning as a hermit in a cell within a monastery, she rose to an unheard-of position for a woman – preaching in cathedrals, giving advice to an Emperor and criticizing the Pope.

Her writing about sex was extraordinarily frank and remarkably detailed – especially as she was a nun!

Her illustrations are now recognized as major works of art; her writing on medicine is now valued by alternative practitioners, and her music topped the charts of Classic FM – 850 years after it was written.

Hildegard’s entertaining and moving story of friendship, love, and struggle against authority is brought to life in this enthralling production.

A light supper will be served in the interval.

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