Shadow Warriors                  Greg Lewis  Shadow Warriors (UK edition)

by Greg Lewis

A talk about women secret agents during the Second World War.


Shadow Warriors – Greg Lewis

SHADOW WARRIORS is the story of women as undercover combatants: armed with Sten guns and grenades; cutting telecommunication wires, laying mines in roadways; organising bombing raids; preparing the way for the D-Day invasion and harassing enemy forces as the Allies moved inland.
Author Greg Lewis tells the stories of some of these remarkable agents. People like Nancy Wake, who led an attack on a Gestapo headquarters in France; Christine Granville, who masterminded the escape of a fellow SOE agent; and Betty Pack, who used her sexual allure to capture enemy secrets.
As Nancy Wake said: “I hate wars and violence but if they come then I don’t see why we women should just wave a proud goodbye and then knit them balaclavas.”

*Greg Lewis is a television producer and author. He has written a number of nonfiction books on a variety of subjects. He is currently working on a new book on the anti-Nazi resistance in Germany for Penguin/Random House.
He has produced more than sixty documentaries for television and radio and has won major broadcast awards from BAFTA Cymru and the Guild of Health Writers UK.
He grew up in Saundersfoot and attended Greenhill School.

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